Inspired by other tile-matching classics, TRIOLINK is a game that shifts the focus from speed and timing to careful planning. As the game progresses, linking more pieces while maintaining the board clear will prove more difficult than it seems.

How to Play

  • Drag the pieces on the right and drop them on the board. If you can no longer fit the pieces anywhere on the board, game over!
  • Form matches by linking three or more pieces, of the same color or number, in a straight line. Forming more than one match in a single move will multiply your reward, so plan each move carefully!
  • If the board gets too full, use the tile-bomb to remove some pieces. You can unlock it by forming matches of specific colors, as shown by the bars on the bottom right corner.
  • Simply drop it next to the pieces you want to clear of the board! Each level of the tile-bomb clears more pieces, but requires a different color to unlock.

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Nice game


This is insanely fun and a great way to pass the time at work