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This was a wonderful game! Thank you!

Nice 10 minute puzzle.

Really great concept. Fun, intuitive, but challenging gameplay. Never feels unfair. Dream features would be level reset (saves a click from leaving/returning), and a gallery showing my working solutions, as I currently can't really appreciate the Venn Diagrams.

I wonder if we'll get video walkthroughs of this game.

cool relaxing music and with simple commands and gameplay and challenging enough to really enjoy this game. Bravo !

Thank you, I'm happy you liked it!

the most unexpected part of this was how good the sound design was?!?! i was really jamming with the sfx above the music, that's some intricate systems!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

i just played Tower Join too and the sounds there are so good also omg. Where do you get these sounds, do you record them yourself? Amazing work

Thank you! I usually look for CC0 loops and samples, mostly at and, then I remix them in Audacity to match the theme or the feel I want for the game.

i see,  thank you!

Game doesnt load, Chrome

That's strange... What OS and which version of Chrome are you using?

Chrome 83 on Windows 7

I'm not sure what could be causing this issue... Using a test tool, the game loaded correctly on Chrome 83 under Windows 7. Perhaps, there is some temporary issue related to servers, or your network in particular, so please make sure to check again later.

I have this problem as well when starting from the itch-launcher. Halts with the progress bar at about 95%.